Turning Lessons into Learning


Guildford College students took full opportunity to pick the brain of Design Engineer Paul Simmons 

Yesterday, Linkam welcomed level 1 and level 2 engineering students from Guildford College to look around our workshop and get a taster into what the real world of engineering and mechanical processing is actually like.

The trip was organised by Michael Simmons, the aerospace and motor sport lecturer at the college – and also the father of Linkam Design Engineer Paul Simmons. The students were given the opportunity to get some hands on experience on our top of the range machinery. In the short session they had here they were given a quick over-view on the design to production process – from the thought process on selection of materials, down to fine details such as the importance of geometrical tolerances. Linkam production team members Dave and Ray both did a fantastic job in assisting the students.  


"...et Voilà, a stage is made"

Throughout the hour that the students were here, they all looked thoroughly engrossed and seemed to take in everything that they were seeing and hearing in the environment around them (which is more than what I can say about the majority of my school trips!). 


Workshop Engineer Dave Cox explaining how he could have saved his beloved Wolves Football Club from being relegated this season

Michael Simmons said the trip had been a very beneficial one as it gave the students a chance to get their first real look into the world that, on completion of their studies, the majority of them will go into. “The purpose of the visit was really about giving the students the opportunity to see what I believe Britain’s engineering is all about”, he said. “It’s about developing something on the move, overcoming problems as you go and learning how to adapt and be creative. This is what the students got to see today – a real insight into the market of bespoke, value-added, home-grown products. This visit will help them understand how they can apply their skills into this field”.


is there a future Linkamite in this photo?

Who knows, maybe in a few years time, a couple of these students could be fully fledged members of the Linkam team.


by Ricky Patel