Introducing the newest member of the Linkam family – The TS1500R high temperature Stage

The brand new TS1500R stage with its unique rotating observation window


Just like its older siblings - TS1500 TS1200 and TS1000 - The TS1500R is specifically designed to carry out precise and accurate ultra high temperature heating of a sample.

This stage is ideal for the study of a wide variety of samples including ceramics, metals and high temperature polymers.

The new TS1500R stage showcases most of the fantastic benefits that the TS1500/1200/1000 series can offer - including an incredible 200C/min heating rate - but its key feature lies in the new rotating window.


When a sample releases volatiles, the observation window may fog up preventing the user from seeing the sample.  Now you can simply rotate the window to expose a clean area to continue viewing the sample.


For more information on this and the other stages in the TS series, please visit the following link - /ts1500-features/


By Ricky Patel