The Ultimate Bus Tour Experience

We like to think that Linkam attracts a certain kind of individual.  Linkam employees are fascinating people.  Many of us have ......what's the word?  peculiar?  no, exceptional....hobbies. 

Andre Puensch is a great engineer and great engineers love to build things.  Around five and half years ago, as part of his engineering degree, Andre started building a 1:12.5 radio controlled articulated Solaris Urbino 18, the urban commuter bus found in his home town of LockWitz, Germany.  The scale of the project eclipsed what was required for his diploma so he continued in his spare time.

Why?  He told me he always wanted to be a bus driver.  Ok.

This bus is quite the work of art.  The level of detail is extrodinary, it has fully working doors with actual recorded sound effects.  There are reversing lights and alarm, side lights, working windscreen wipers and each seat is upholstered in the same pattern material as the real thing.  The only thing he didn't make are the miniature fire extinguishers and the passengers.

Here are some of the project stats

Rear wheel drive (much more complicated to build)

1.4m long



16m of cable

6 servos (4 for doors, 2 for steering)

Includes police siren (Not standard)

We decided to create a tour of Linkam's HQ featuring this amazing bus.  Let us know what you think.

 To learn more about Andre's bus, take a look at his project video 


Vince kamp