Under the Spotlight: Patrick Manolito Martin

Under the spotlight this week is Patrick, one of our most energetic Linkam staffers and a passionate family man. He is a highly skilled assembler, and divides his time between assembly work and packing - ensuring that every stage is made to the highest quality and that each one reaches the customer without incident.



How long have you worked at Linkam?

Just over ten years.

What's the best part of working at Linkam?

It's being able to work with such a tightly knitted team.

Tell us about your studies and work experience. What were you doing before Linkam? 

Before Linkam I was at East Surrey College studying engineering.

Why did you choose an engineering career?

Because the bills aren't going to pay themselves!

What makes you passionate about science/engineering?

Because new discoveries and technologies are becoming available every day. 

How would you describe your average day at Linkam?

It varies from packing to assembly work with laughter in between.

Has the company changed much since you started working here? 

A lot has changed since I started. People coming and going and we've moved into bigger buildings.

What are your hobbies? 

Currently I'm a massive NFL fan. I also enjoy watching NBA, Football and Rugby, and you can't beat a bit of sweating in the gym.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

I would love to be somewhere hot with my family. I really enjoy spending time with my fiancée Danielle, and my two daughters Iyla and Araya.

And lastly where did you go on your last holiday? 

We went on a family holiday to Tunisia.


Thanks Patrick

We hope you are enjoying the snap-shot of the lives of the people who play a part in creating your Linkam stage.

By Caroline Feltham