Droplet Dynamics

The morphology of different kind of fluids can easily be studied using the CSS450 system

From the simple rainfall control system of your house's guttering, to the complex processsing enviroment of an industrial manufacturing facility - understanding how something flows is vitally important. If you don't understand it, you cannot control it.

Professor Cidade, and colleagues at the New University of Lisbon, are looking at the flow mechanisms within LCP blends of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) using the Linkam CSS450 stage.

Polyethylene terephthalate is often used within consumable packaging. To better understand the mechanical behaviour of the polymer blends the scientists have used this stage to study the rheo-optical properties. Samples were observed for droplet size and deformation.

Professor Cidade said: “The Linkam CSS 450 Shearing System allows, in an easy operation, to follow the morphology/texture of different kind of fluids such as liquid crystals, emulsions and composites.”

The structural dynamics of complex fluids can be directly observed using a standard optical microscope while under precisely controlled temperature and shear modes. The microstructure evolution of complex fluids can be studied in great detail for many physical processes. Scientists can then correlate micro structural dynamics with rheological data to gain insight into the rheology of complex fluids.

The images captured can also be used to validate numerical results from computer simulations as well as other experimental data from indirect measurements such as scattering techniques.

By Caroline Feltham