Women And Children First

Linkam's warm stages are used for pioneering research into reproductive health. In the home city of the world’s greatest football club [Liverpool FC just in case you had any doubts] the Women's NHS Foundation Trust recently hosted the 35th BAS Annual Meeting; the topic of the meeting was “Changing Paradigms in Andrology.”

The Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust specialises in the health of women and their babies, both within the hospital and out in the community. The hospital has some of the greatest expertise and experience in this field, and is one of only two such specialist trusts in the UK. It is also the largest women’s hospital of its kind in Europe.

Much of the Trust’s work revolves around clinical research and the development of new treatments and medications for reproductive health. Also, in its role as a teaching hospital the Trust works closely with the University of Liverpool to deliver the highest standards of undergraduate and post-graduate medical education and training.

This latest edition of the meeting was mainly focused on semen analysis. The intimate group size of around 40 members allowed all the attendees to get up close and personal with each speaker, to hear about all the latest developments and to discuss what the future holds for this field of research.

The delegates were impressed not only by the technical knowledge of the talks, but also by the new warm plates that were on display from Linkam. These stages, which will come with a calibration probe to ensure accuracy, should be available early next year.

I would like to thank Professor Iwan Lewis-Jones and Mr Nabil Aziz who helped put on such a great and informative meeting.

By Ricky Patel