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   Yet more travelling - and a first for Linkam.


Yet more travelling - and a first for Linkam.

We will be in Washington DC next month for NeuroScience 2014 (booth #2426, 15 - 19th November). We are really excited to be attending this conference for the first time as we will be presenting a great new range of products specifically developed for life science applications.

Linkam is renowned for high performance thermal microscopy stages for material science and in talking to our customers we realised our systems were being used for a wide range of life science applications as well. We have been working with our customers to bring our expertise and experience directly to the life science market.

So, what will you see on our booth?

Correlative will almost certainly be one of the buzz words of the show; the CMS196 stage for Cryo Correlative and Cryo Fluorescence Microscopy will take centre stage at our booth. We have been selling this for over a year now - with many systems installed in some of the top labs around the world - so it’s not strictly a new product, but we will be showing some great new features.


Other things to look out for include the new RH95 Humidity generator – you can now precisely control and monitor the humidity inside your Linkam stage.

We will also have a range of controllable glass warm plates and a microscope incubator – ideal for keeping your cells warm and happy during your imaging experiments.

We hope to see you there.

Duncan Stacey