Distinctly Colder in DC

   The Washington Monument in all of its magnificence


The Washington Monument in all of its magnificence

The Linkam team was recently in Washington DC for NeuroScience 2014, our first time with a booth at this show.

There has been a lot of  interest from other companies producing live cell imaging systems, in particular, who want to add incubators, warm stages and cryo correlative fluorescence capability to their systems.

The diverse range of products and applications on show here was truly amazing: from imaging the single neuron, to monitoring people’s reactions to loud noises using fMRI (functional MRI), and everything in between.

The size of the conference was a bit overwhelming with over twenty five thousand delegates - the equivalent of a small town. Despite this it was very difficult to find a good cup of coffee (note to self – must have a coffee machine on the booth at future shows).

Outside the show we (Duncan Stacey, Vince Kamp and Ricky Patel) managed to get a quick look around some of the Smithsonian museums (http://www.si.edu/Museums) including the Air & Space Museum, Portrait Gallery and National Gallery. Vince managed to set a record time for running around the Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial.

It was mostly sunny and extremely cold - not that we really noticed as we were inside the huge convention centre all day, but at least we didn’t catch the heavy snow experienced by some other parts of the USA.

Thanks to Jeff McGinn and Jim Bristol from the McCrone Group for supporting us all week.

By Duncan Stacey