Rheology by the Rhine

   AERC 2014 was held at the magnificent Karlsruhe conference centre


AERC 2014 was held at the magnificent Karlsruhe conference centre

The 9th Annual European Rheology conference (AERC) took place last week in the cultural city of Karlsruhe, located on the banks of the River Rhine in south west Germany.

Karlsruhe itself has a history of innovation with the inventor of the automobile, Carl Benz, and the physicist who discovered electromagnetic waves, Heinrich Hertz, both having roots to the city. Today it is considered one of the most prominent tech cities in Europe so it provided the perfect backdrop for the now well established AERC event.

The scientific programme itself was split up into various sections which focused on key rheological topic areas: from food research and biopolymers, to mirco-fluids and the rheology of foams.  

The 500 delegates were treated to a fantastic conference dinner which was held at the magnificent, and modern, Karlsruhe Centre for Art and Media. The evening was full of great food and drink, beautiful artwork and a stirring live performance from one of the country’s best orchestras.

This was a great opportunity to interact with the delegates - the majority of whom already have a linkam CSS450 stage - to gather their thoughts and perspectives on where they see this expanding field of science being in a few years time.

I would like to thank the whole AERC committee for putting on such a great show. We hope  the 10th show in this fascinating series will be just as good, if not better.

By Ricky Patel