Paper of the Month

Linkam stages and equipment are used in a huge range of scientific research worldwide, in fact there’s so much going on we can’t always keep up with it all. Search ‘Linkam’ in Google Scholar to see the true extent of applications for our stages.

While application notes can already be found for many of our stages, we have decided that from now on we will also share some of this research with you here on the blog.

Each month we will choose our favourite paper featuring a Linkam stage from Google Scholar, and post it as ‘Paper of the Month’ — we hope you will find this work as interesting as we do!

In the past our instruments have been used by major manufacturers and institutions for a wide variety of applications, from improving the taste of chocolate and ice-cream, testing the rubber of trainers and formulating hair care products, to studying the evolution of icy satellites and imaging cell autophagosomes to aid research into cancer.

We love to know what our stages and equipment are being used for and are always happy to hear from you with research updates or feedback, so please feel free to contact us.

By Frances Coles