Taking the Temperature

   Caroline Feltham on the Linkam stand at the ABA


Caroline Feltham on the Linkam stand at the ABA

Last week Linkam attended the Association of Biomedical Andrologists AGM in Leeds.

The focus was on the science of fertility and talks throughout the day ranged from sample procurement, data collection and service improvement, to clinical interpretation. What was clear from the talks was that fertility assessment, in particular semen assessment, is very dependent on temperature so we were pleased to launch our new ITO coated warm stage - the WS37.

The new system includes an ITO or Indium tin oxide (a transparent conductive oxide) coated glass stage, controller, liquid crystal validation slide (to easily check the temperature of samples) and unique adaptor solution to fit virtually any microscope. The stage allows scientists to spend time on their results - and not their sample control - as it reliably controls the samples at 37°C while they are assessed.

Stephen Harbottle, Consultant Embryologist at Cambridge IVF said: “I’m delighted to hear the stage is ready to go to market and I am thrilled you are launching at ABA!  Regarding our unit, we look forward to receiving it and putting it to good use in the lab.”

by Caroline Feltham