Open Access Papers added

Our new website is in continual development and for our latest addition we have taken advantage of the growing trend in publishing open access research.

We are pleased to announce you can now find links to some great new papers featuring Linkam stages, directly from our website — just look for the application notes section for the product of your choice.

For example, the THMS600 now has a range of papers from over the last year, including some brand new research on phosphorene, a hugely interesting 2D material due to its unique properties such as layer-dependent direct bandgap energy, which could lead to the development of many novel electronic and optoelectronic devices.

The TST350 tensile stage is featured in a particularly interesting new paper entitled 'Intrinsic mechanical behaviour of femoral cortical bone in young, osteoporotic and bisphosphonate-treated individuals in low and high energy fracture conditions.'

New papers can also be found for the HFS600E-PB4, FDCS196, THMSG600, FTIR600, TS1500, TST350 and the LTS420, not forgetting our existing application notes on these and the CMS196M, BCS196, GS350, MDSG600, TS1000EL, THMSEL600, TS1400XY, and CCR1000.

We’ve got papers for a wide range of applications so we’re sure you will find something that suits your needs, happy browsing.