Recent Charity Donations

Over the years Linkam has supported many of our staff who have taken part in sponsored events. Cycling, running, hiking, swimming their way to raising money for local and national charities.

This year we thought we would do things a little differently, giving all our staff the opportunity to nominate their favourite charity to make sure the charities chosen are close to the hearts of the whole Linkam team. With the results in we have chosen to support 5 different charities with a mix of local and national charities.

The first charity we have chosen to support is Cancer Research. With the population prone to a high risk of getting cancer in their lifetimes, Cancer Research is a vital charity and by supporting this charity, we will be contributing to pivotal scientific research.

The second charity is Princess Alice Hospice; due to the amazing support it offers for end of life care with a variety of support and services.

The third charity we will be donating to is Home-start Epsom, Ewell & Banstead, for the exceptional support provided to those who are struggling with mental or physical health, isolation, or everyday family life.

The final 2 charities we have chose to donate to are Alzheimer’s Research UK and MND Association. Motor neurone disease is recorded to affect around two in every 100,000 people, and by supporting MND Association we can make an impact on the research being conducted on this rare condition.

Alzheimer’s disease affects around 1 in 10 people over 65 and currently 1 in 20 people from the age of 40. The research conducted by this charity is vital in combatting and understanding this disease. Supporting this charity is essential in allowing the growth and level of research provided by the charity.

At Linkam, we are excited to be able to support and donate to all of the above charities, and if you would like to find out more about what they do, we have included the links below:

Cancer Research:

Princess Alice Hospice:

Home-start Epsom, Ewell & Banstead:

Alzheimer’s Research UK:

MND Association: