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The VTO is Back... Analogue Video Lives On


Every year we wonder whether we should finally put analogue video to rest and stop building a version of our video capture software (Linksys 32-AV) and Video Text Overlay unit (VTO232).  The problem is that customers still keep asking for it.  We love to keep the customer happy so we keep developing the analogue option.


The VTO 95 is a plug in card for the T95 system controller and enables you to overlay the temperature controller information on a live 25 frames per second video image.

You can record this live image with a DVR or DVD recorder from any monitor with a composite input.  The beauty of this system is you don't need a PC or any software and what you see is what you get; the full 25fps to record and play back at your desire.

This kind of system is ideal for quality control procedures or if you just want to record  a movie of your experiment without requiring a PC setup.