Atmospheric and vacuum frying miniaturization using the THMS350V heating vacuum stage at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

At Linkam we love our food (perhaps a little too much!) That is why we were very excited to find out about how our stage is being used at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Founded in 1888 at the behest of the Archbishop of Santiago, Monsignor Mariano Casanova, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is one of the top Universities in South America. Created to instill academic excellence it was at  the School of Business and Administration Sebastián Piñera, the current Chilean president was educated.

At the UC a research team, headed by Pedro Bouchon PhD in the Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Department are using a Linkam THMS350V stage to examine atmospheric and vacuum frying of starch granules in oil and water.

The Linkam THMS350V is mounted on an Olympus BX-61 light microscope

To see the experiment please watch this video

Micro-structural changes are indicated by swelling and gelatinization of potato starch granules during heating, where swelling starts at 64°C. The goal is to understand the role of different ingredients when they are processed under different conditions, and the impact that these processed ingredients have on nutrition. The eventual aim is to develop low fat snack products that also taste as good as the traditional ones. Heating-vacuum microscopy is an essential technique in beginning to understand the complex process of vacuum frying, a technique which may lead to innovative ways to prepare our food. For more information about their experiment please see press release.  

By Caroline Feltham