A Warm Stage Controller even Apple can be proud of...

We take design very seriously at Linkam.  We don't stop at ensuring that our products excede our users expectations in terms of technical specifications.  We want to deliver a bit of WOW when they open the box.

When it comes to our electronics, we don't just get it working and then throw the bits in any old off the shelf third party box then slap our logo on it.  We consider many factors including, how much space it takes up on a likely already crowded lab bench? How quick and easy it is to set up?  How easy is it to clean spilled solutions?  How simple is it to remove a failed component in the field so that users in obscure locations can repair on site?  How can we ensure that the materials can be recycled at the end of the instruments lifecycle?  How can we ensure that it complies with all the many criteria for low voltage directives necessary for the unit to be used in almost any lab environment anywhere in the world?

When we've answered all of those questions, we still don't let it go into production until we are all satisfied that we've answered the last unmeasurable design challenge.  Do we really like the look and feel of it?

Take a look at the new DC95 Warm stage controller.  Even better temperature control and performance with compact dimensions of just 160 x 104mm and 25mm thick controlled by an in built touch screen display.  Just a warm stage controller? No, I suggest it's quite a bit more.

Posted by Vince Kamp