Media Cybernetics

Control Your Linkam Stage Within Image Pro Plus from Media Cybernetics


The folks at Media Cybernetics have recognized that their customers want to control their Linkam temperature control stages within Image Pro and so their software ninjas have built Thermo-Pro, an Image-Pro plugin for the acquisition of images including temperature information from Linkam stages. 

Thermo-Pro is supported in Image-Pro Plus 7 and works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 on any PC that meets the minimum requirements to run capture in Image-Pro and that have an on-board RS232 port. It supports all cameras that are natively supported inside Image-Pro, including the range of cameras from QImaging.
The temperature information is read directly from the Linkam T95 system controller and is burned into the bitmap of the image for easy visualisation. Images are constantly saved straight to hard disk for secure data storage even in the case of power failures and the module is capable for capturing images for timed intervals during multiple ramp experiments.