India's Man of Steel

Steel Sample at 1250C in TS1500V with Argon purge
One of India’s leading metallurgical experts – Dr. Pravash Chandra Chakraborti - from the University of Jadavpur, Kolkata (Calcutta) visited Linkam last week to discuss the use of our TS1500V stages in viewing the fatigue and fracture of steel samples at 1250C.
We used this opportunity to demo our new Oxygen traps used in conjunction with vacuum and pure Argon (99.9%) to create an inert atmosphere limiting sample oxidation at higher temperatures.

Dr.Chakraborti was also very impressed with the working environment here at Linkam, especially mentioning the “Helpful staff” of our R&D department, and “excellent knowledge” (of our products) shown by all members of the team.

We have found Dr.Chakraborti’s expertise in metallurgy invaluable in our quest to improve our stages for this type of study...maybe he can stop by Delhi on the way home to impart his knowledge on the workmen of the Commonwealth Games!

Ricky Patel  - Technical Support