Virginia Tech

Could the TS1400XY have helped stop the European air-travel chaos?

Rosario Esposito of the Bodnar Group at VTU using the Linkam TS1400XY to study silicate melt inclusions

The world renowned Bodnar group at Virginia Tech University have recently been carrying out some high profile fluid research studies using our Linkam TS14000XY Stage.

The research group used this stage to compile various studies on volcanic melt inclusions, which related to the properties, distribution and the role of volcanic fluids in and on the earth. One of the major aims being to gain a better understanding as to how volcanoes erupt.

The studies showed that the content of the liquid magma below the surface of the volcano is of paramount importance as it determines the energy of the volcanic eruption. It was shown that magmas with high levels of volatile gases tend to produce explosive eruptions like the ones in Iceland, spewing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of C02 into the atmosphere and causing air travel chaos. On the other hand magmas with lower volatile content produce relatively placid lava flows like those in Hawaii. Information of this kind is of vital importance in predicting the style and severity of future eruptions, which will enable experts to have an increase in risk assessment of active volcanoes.

Many thanks to Professor Bob Bodnar and all of his team at Virginia Tech for sharing their application with us. Hopefully this study will help us gain a better understanding of one of our planets greatest and most powerful forces of nature…   

Posted by Ricky Patel