Linksys 32 Registration

Thank you for registering your Linksys 32 Software.  

Linksys 32 software is supplied on CD or downloaded with a temporary 10 day license.

If you have purchased a copy then it will be unlocked permanently when you register using the process below.

For help with this please see the Linksys 32 installation manual or click here for a short video on how to register.

You will need to provide the following TWO pieces of information to register your software:

 1) Your LKS number printed on your software CD case.



2) Your Product Registration Number obtained after installing Linksys32 on your PC and running the Linkam Software Registration program found under Programs>Linkam>Linksys32>Register


Each copy of the software will be licensed to the hard drive of your PC, Linkam will email your license key to upgrade the temporary copy to permanent status.

All fields need to be completed by END USER or at least with the END USER's details if being registered by a Distributor.

This is so that we can supply information, regarding updates, bug fixes and product recalls directly to the end user.  We cannot register the product or software to a distributor.


Fill out my online form.