MDBCS196 Specifications

  • Temperature Range -196°C to 125 °C

  • Controlled Heating and cooling rates of 0.01 to 150°C/min

  • Uncontrolled cooling up to 5000°C/min

  • PC control using LINK software

  • Positional resolution of motors 0.05µm

  • Position repeatability <3um

  • 150 X,Y coordinates can be stored

  • Simple to fit fine focus attachment- Z axis (dependent on microscope)

  • Max. 15mm motorized X,Y travel

  • Definable sample scan area

  • Sample vibration eliminated over entire range of speeds

  • Designed for use with the LINK imaging software

  • Ventilated bottom window to eliminate condensation

  • Novel low profile lid design for rapid lens change

  • Extremely efficient use of liquid nitrogen

  • Stage body size - 160 x 80 x 24 mm

  • Mounts directly on microscope substage using stage-clamps

  • Objective lens working distance - 0.1mm to 4.9mm

  • Condenser lens minimum working distance 12.7

  • Light aperture - 1.3mm Ø for accurate sample temperatures

  • Optional lid and cooling jacket for high magnification lenses

If you are using a light microscope, please go to the STAGE CLAMPS section to check your microscope is compatible.

If you are using transmitted light please go to the CONDENSER EXTENSION LENS section for condenser info.