MDSG600 Motorised Geology System

The MDSG600 is a motorised version of the THMSG600, arguably the most popular geology heating/freezing stage in the world.

The sample is motorised in X and Y directions by precision mico stepped motors that enable micron repeatable position resolution and position recall enabling a sample to be mapped in order to quickly relocate positions of interest, and carry out temperature controlled experiments significant to that point.

Unrivalled accuracy and control of temperature from < -195°C to 600°C enable the user to characterise fluid inclusions to better than 0.1°C and hold a stability of 0.001°C.

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Further Reading On Fluid Inclusion Microthemometry

A good place to start is the University of Wisconsin's geology website which has links to other interesting sites and articles. Organisations with extensive experience of using Linkam’s products are also listed below. 


Robert Bodnar - Virginia Tech Fluid's Research Lab

Maria Luce Frezzotti - Siena Geofluids

CREGU - Petroleum and Aqueous Inclusions

Ron Bakker - University of Leoben Fluid Inclusion Lab

CSIRO - Petroleum Research/Analysis