MEMS/wafer/Electrical measurement

Linkam offer a range of different stages designed to study the electrical properties of a sample. Stages are fitted with tungsten needle probes or contact posts and either BNC or Lemo output connectors, enabling the user to make electrical measurements on their samples while accurately controlling the temperature, humidity, and atmospheric composition. 


LTS120E-P Probe System
Large area stage with up to 8 moveable gold tipped tungsten probes for making electrical measurements on samples. BNC and Lemo connectors available. Peltier element with temperature range -40 to 120°C.

LTS420E-P Probe System
Similar to the LTSE120-P but with extended temperature range of -196 to 420°C.

HFS600-P Probe System
Temperature range -196 to 600°C with 22mm diameter sample area. Up to 4 moveable gold tipped tungsten probes to make electrical measurements. BNC connectors only. 

A HFS probe stage with vacuum capabilities. Temperature range from -196°C to 350°C.

A high temperature stage with electrical and vacuum connections available. The TS1500 has a temperature range from ambient to 1500°C.

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