Stage reporting that the 'Water temperature is too high'

Peltier stages operate using the thermoelectric effect, and therefore require a constant flow of cool water to carry the heat away from the element. As operating one of these elements without this water flow will quickly cause damage to the element, Linkam Peltier stages are fitted with a water temperature sensor, and if this sensor reaches too high a temperature the stage will shut down to prevent damage, and the above error message will be displayed.

  • Check that the water circulator is connected - see your stage manual for connection information.
  • Check that the water is flowing through the tubes - if you have a flow meter check that it is spinning, and if not look for air bubbles moving through the tubes.
  • If the stage has been running for a long time, the water may have warmed up too much. Try replacing the water in the container with cool water.
  • The ECP water circulator supplied with Linkam Peltier stages is sensitive to having the correct amount of water in the container, make sure that it is filled to the level shown in the image below.

If the water is flowing and is not too warm and you still have this error message, there may be a fault with your stage. Contact Linkam technical support.


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