Freeze Drying Webinar


On Thursday 1st October Linkam distributors The McCrone Group are running a free webinar on 'Thermal Characterization as Part of an Empirical Process for Developing Optimized Formulations and Lyophilization Cycles'.

The Webinar, presented by Dr Jeff Schwegman and McCrone technical sales representative Ruben Neiblas, introduces a well-defined process for taking an empirical approach to designing formulations, and the lyophilization cycles used to dry them.

Details and registration

The webinar preludes a course entitled ‘Lyophilization: Practical Applications Utilizing Latest Equipment’, featuring the Linkam FDCS196 freeze-drying cryo stage. This will take place from the 3rd-5th November.

The Linkam FDCS196 freeze drying system provides the ability to quickly and accurately determine collapse and eutectic temperature and intricately investigate freeze dried structure of complex samples.