The Linkam Pharma Range

Linkam have been developing sample characterisation solutions to help push the boundaries of science for over 30 years. These are used in many industries and universities around the world to aid in the characterisation of materials from polymers to biological tissue; from API’s to excipients, with temperatures ranging from -196°C to +1500°C.  

The precise and accurate control of temperature of your sample has been further enhanced to enable more detailed characterisation of materials with the introduction of systems such as the new optical DSC, humidity control and lyophilisation systems. Linkam has long worked with the pharmaceutical industry to develop solutions for some of the key problems from drug development to manufacturing to QA, packaging and storage.

We have solutions for lyophilisation, thermoanalysis, dissolution studies, shelf-life testing and many more.

Find the perfect solution for your pharmaceutical needs with Linkam.

For more information on our pharmaceutical range of stages, please select from the list below. 

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