Photovoltaics AND ELECTRICAL MEASurement


The push to replace old polluting sources of energy such as coal with clean renewables such as solar energy is accelerating the development of Photovoltaics (PVs). These are already widely used both domestically and in large commercial arrays. However, they typically have low efficiencies, are difficult and expensive to manufacture and have limited lifetime. With the continued push to generate more of our electricity from renewable sources there is a real push to develop new PV materials with improved efficiency and lifetime.

There are many different materials that exhibit PV effects including semiconductors and organic materials. Characterisation of these different PV materials is key to understanding and improving their efficiency. 

Linkam Scientific have been creating sample characterisation solutions for the microelectronics and semiconductor field for many years. We design sample characterisation chambers with accurate temperature control ranging from -196°C to 1500°C. The environment within the chamber can also be controlled, with the option of gas purging, controlled vacuum or humidity. To allow for electrical measurements, stages can be fitted with gold tipped tungsten needle probes or spring clip posts which can be coupled to various output connectors.


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