Poor heating performance

If your Linkam stage will heat up and gives no error message, but is unable to reach the specified temperature limits or match the specified heating rate it may be that the heating block has been pushed down so that it is touching the base plate of the stage. This will cause a large heat-sinking effect and prevent the stage from achieving optimal performance. 

Test this by sliding a business card or similar between the base of the stage and the bottom of the heater. If the card will not slide freely, then the heater is too close to the base - raise the heater by bending it upward away from the base of the stage gently.

  • Allow your stage heater time to reach ambient temperature before attempting this process.
  • Be very careful not to damage the fragile PT100 sensor while checking and rectifying this issue. If your stage has a sensor cover protecting the PT100 sensor it should be removed before starting to check on this issue.

This issue may also be caused by using an excessively large sample or by using a purge gas with a very high level of thermal conductivity, such as Helium (He).


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