Raman Spectroscopy


Virtually all of our stages are compatible with Microscope based Raman systems.  The heating and freezing stages in the temperature range from -196 to 1500°C all now come fitted with quartz windows in the stage lid.

Please browse the stages by application or by your required temperature range

We work closely with Horiba Scientific, Renishaw, Thermo, Bruker and Jasco and WITec.

Here are links to just some of the spectrometers we are compatible with. Click on the links to be taken directly to the specific page for Raman at each of these companies.

Please contact us if your microscope based spectrometer is not on this list.

Horiba Scientific

  • XploRA
  • LabRAM HR


  • InVia Range of Spectrometers


  • Nicolet Almega XR Micro and Macro Raman System
  • DXR Raman Microscope


  • Senterra Dispersive Raman System
  • RamanScopeIII


  • NRS 3000 series


  • Alpha300 series