"Runtime error 6" appears after entering a licence key

This can be caused by a registration number that ends with 00.

The registration number is the volume ID of the main hard drive in the computer, and will be different from computer to computer.

The actual number is generated when an operating is first installed and for most operating systems is based on the time of the installation. According to

the original Microsoft specification you should not be able to have a number that ends in 00, it is this that is causing a problem with the license system.


On the CD there is a support directory, and inside that a file called VolumeID.exe this can be used to change volume ID number, then we can generate a

new registration key that will work.


Before following these instructions please check if the customer has any other software on the computer that has a license tied to the hard drive volume ID,

If there is changing the number will cause licensing problems for that software.


  1. Copy the support directory from the Linksys CD to C:
  2. On Windows go to Start> All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt  (on Vista and Win7 you should right click on Command Prompt and select run as administrator)
  3. In the Command Prompt window type cd.. and then press enter, repeat this until the prompt shows C:
  4. Now type cd c:\support\volumeid and then press enter
  5. Now type volumeid.exe C: F4CE-C459 and then press enter
  6. Now restart the computer and the new volume ID will be F4CE-C459
  7. Linkam will now be able to generate a registration number that will work.


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