TST350 Specifications

  • Mounting options available for optical microscope

  • Sample easily loaded into jaws

  • Sample Width 0.001 to 22mm

  • Sample Thickness 0.001 to 2mm

  • Sample length 27 to 107mm

  • Tensile speed range 0.1-1000um/s

  • Tensile Force range 0.01N to 20N or 0.1 to 200N

  • Force resolution 20N x 0.001 or 200N x 0.01. 

  • Maximum Travel 80mm

  • Positional Resolution 10um

  • Objective working distance 7.5mm

  • Condenser working distance 12.5mm

  • Temperature range -196 to 350°C

  • Temperature control rates 0.01 to 60°C/min

  • Temperature resolution +/-0.01°C

  • Designed for use with the LINK image capture system

  • Data can be saved to spreadsheet

If you are using transmitted light please go to the CONDENSER EXTENSION LENS section for condenser info.