CCR1000 Features


The CCR1000 stage from Linkam has been designed to study catalytic reactions at high temperature and pressure. Samples are mounted on a virtually unreactive disposable ceramic fabric filters placed inside the ceramic heating element which is capable of heating samples from ambient to 1000°C at rates of up to an incredible 200°C/min.

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Highly corrosive gases can be used and even highly conductive gases such as Helium with little compromise on heating performance.  A variety of different lid window materials are available so that brightfield and Raman microscopy techniques can be used.

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Fluidized Bed for CCR1000

In collaboration with Dr. Pablo Beato at Haldor Topsoe in Denmark, we have recently developed a new technology to homogeneously fluidize particles inside our CCR1000 micro-reactor and conduct heterogeneous catalytic reactions with it, such that they can be monitored by operando Raman spectroscopy, without the drawback of laser heating or damage.

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This short video shows the movement of the particles.

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