RH95 Humidity Controller


Now available with Linkam TST350, THMS600, HFS600 and LTS420 stages. 

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The RH95 Relative Humidity Controller is designed to provide environmental sample control to Linkam’s range of temperature stages. It provides precise control in a compact, self-contained package without the requirement for an external dry air supply. The RH95 makes it possible to combine temperature control with control of relative humidity within a stage. Humidity can have a significant effect on the properties of a material; these include cosmetic surface effects to changes in a sample’s mechanical properties and chemical changes such as creating polymorphs. The RH95 has a range of applications including testing and characterising new photovoltaic materials, research into new battery technologies, and the characterisation of pharmaceuticals.

The RH95 controller has been developed for use with Linkam’s THMS600, TST350, HFS600 and LTS420 stages, but can also be used with any other sealed chamber with a volume up to 2000cc from 5% to 90%.

Unlike other humidity systems, no costly dry air supply is required.  Ambient air is dried through a specially designed automatic recycling desiccant system. The system can be left to control humidity for months at a time.

In addition to monitoring the humidity of the air supplied to the chamber, a sensor has also been placed inside the chamber to create a feedback loop to the controller.

For applications where oxidation is an issue, the RH95 can be supplied with the optional Inert Gas Regulator which allows the use of nitrogen as the carrier gas.

RH95, THMS600-H and Inert Gas Regulator

RH95, THMS600-H and Inert Gas Regulator


  • Can be used as stand-alone humidity generator and controller or with LINK software to log data from the sensor.

  • Relative humidity entered via touch screen display

  • Maximum controllable volume 2000cc

  • Long cycle times - can be left running for months

  • Sensor validation chamber supplied with salt ampoule testing kit

  • Sensor regeneration module available

  • Inert Gas Regulator (max input 5 Bar) module available for nitrogen carrier gas

  • Specifications:

    • Sensor Type: Combined temperature and humidity digital capacitance sensor

    • Recommended range 5% to 90% RH

    • Stability at control value +/- 0.5%

    • Ramp speed ~7% RH/min

    • Sensor Response ~8sec

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