Introducing the DSC600 VISTA system at NATAS 2015

We will be attending the North American Thermal Analysis Conference (NATAS) from the 10th-13th August, to present our new DSC600 VISTA system.

We have worked in partnership with Cyversa to create VISTA - a revolutionary thermal technique that will provide Characterization Scientists with a powerful new tool for analysing materials.

Linkam’s Imaging Station is at the heart of the VISTA system and when combined with the new DSC600 VISTA hot stage, enables images of the sample to be simultaneously captured during an experiment. Thermal Analysis Sample Characterization software (TASC) from Cyversa generates curves based on the reflected light signal, to show changes in sample features that occurred during the experiment.

While DSC and TASC are complementary, TASC can reveal transitions that are difficult or impossible to measure easily by DSC, and sensitivity is not reduced with smaller samples and lower heating rates as is the case with DSC.  

A recent article in American Laboratory further discusses the advantages of this technique, with specific reference to its application in the analysis of polymer blends for drug delivery.

TASC can be used with any of our thermal stages, from the standard THMS heating-cooling stage, to the Tensile and Shear stages. TASC inventor Professor Mike Reading will be present at NATAS and available to discuss how TASC can benefit your application.

We hope to see you there!