TS1400XY Features

The ceramic tube heater completely encases the sample in a uniform temperature controlled environment enabling high accuracy control right up to 1400°C within a gas sealed chamber. Samples are mounted on a sapphire sample slide that can be moved in 6mm in XY directions to explore your sample.

Fluid inclusion geologists and material scientists interested in high speed quench cooling can add a special manipulator that enables rapid transfer from the heater to a much colder platform resulting in ultra fast cooling rates of up to 240°C per second.

The sample temperature is accurately controlled by the T96 controller which enables the stage to heat samples at an incredible 200°C/min.

A publication by Rosario Esposito* and his colleagues at Virigina Tech has demonstrated how this instrument can be used to investigate the behaviour of melt inclusions up to 1360°C


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*Esposito, R., Klebesz. R., Bartoli. O., Klyukin, Y.I., Moncada D. & Doherty A. L., Bodnar, R.J. (accepted). . Central European Journal of Geosciences, ECROFI XXI Special Vol. DOI: