DSC600 Specifications


  • Large Temperature range -196° to 600°C

  • Up to 130°C/min heating

  • Minimum heating rates of 0.1°C per minute

  • Temperature stability <0.1°C

  • Standard DSC has a 1.3mm Ø light aperture

  • Available with a 0.7mm by 3mm slot for X-ray applications

  • Minimum objective Lens working distance: 7.1mm

  • Minimum condenser lens working distance: 12.7mm

  • Aluminium crucibles for reflected light and x-ray work

  • Sapphire crucibles for transmitted light work

  • Stage body size - 109 x 92 x 24 mm 

If you are using transmitted light please go to the CONDENSER EXTENSION LENS section for condenser info.