DSC600 Specifications


  • Large Temperature range -196° to 600°C
  • Up to 130°C/min heating/cooling.
  • Minimum  heating/cooling rates of 0.1°C per minute
  • Temperature stability <0.1°C
  • Standard DSC has a 1.3mm Ø light aperture
  • Available with a 1mm by 4mm slot for X-ray applications
  • Minimum objective Lens working distance: 7.1mm
  • Minimum condenser lens working distance: 12.7mm
  • Aluminium crucibles for reflected light and x-ray work
  • Sapphire sample crucibles for transmitted light work
  • Stage body size - 104 x 89 x 24 mm
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, and Windows 7.


If you are using a light microscope, please go to the STAGE CLAMPS section to check your microscope is compatible.

If you are using transmitted light please go to the CONDENSER EXTENSION LENS section for condenser info.