FDCS196 Freeze Drying System


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Using the FDCS freeze drying cryo stage and light microscopy techniques such as phase contrast and polarized light, it is now possible to quickly and accurately determine collapse and eutectic temperature and intricately investigate freeze dried structure of complex samples.

Both stage pressure and temperature can be accurately controlled and programmed to simulate industrial procedures and determine ideal drying parameters.

With a temperature range down to -196°C, Ultra low temperature eutectics can be investigated with the FDCS system, not possible with peltier controlled systems.

Chamber pressure is monitored by a pirani gauge mounted directly on the stage and shows the stage to hold perfectly uniform vacuum even when the XY manipulators are used to follow the drying front moving across the sample.

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Further Reading and Resources

We can provide you with the system but to really understand how freeze drying microscopy can benefit your organisation, please take a look at the following online resources.

Freeze-drying.eu is a new platform for people interested in questions related to freeze drying of bioproducts.  Dr. Henning Gieseler is a long time user of the FDCS196 freeze drying microscope and can help you to get the most out of the system.

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories host freeze-drying training courses throughout the year (webinars archived here) using the FDCS196 system, and their website contains useful support content.

Biopharma's website has a wealth of information explaining the challenges of designing the ideal lyoscycle.  They also offer training and short workshops.  Dr. Kevin Ward has extensive experience in using freeze drying microscopy.

SP Industries is also an excellent resource for freeze drying info and has some great freeze drying webinars, technical papers and opportunities for training available on their website.