3d design

Ramping up R&D


They say when the economy is suffering, R&D is usually the first spending cut a company makes.  Well at Linkam, we seem to be getting more and more requests for customised and completely unique instrument designs every day.


In our opinion, the only response to this increase in demand, is for us to invest yet again in our R&D department.  We have just added a new electronics/software design engineer and a new mechanical design engineer will join us next month.(introductions to follow in another post)

In addition to this we have invested in some nice new 3D software that enables us to send a customer a virtual 3D prototype of their instrument during the design process.  This will enable them to manipulate the design on screen.
By simply dragging the mouse over the 3D model you can spin it around, flip it over, and walk straight through, all within freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader.  How awesome is that?  Take a look at the video above and you'll see what I mean.

If you have an idea for a custom stage or want some modifications of one of our standard instruments.  Give us a call or ping us an email.