Olympus again attempts to scale the microscopy mountain

The past two weeks have marked the arrival of all things new here at Linkam - the New Year was quickly followed by the official unveiling of our new website and now, we have managed to get our hands on a brand new Olympus BX53 microscope! (Be it only for a month).

The highly anticipated BX53 is part of the BX3 range of upright microscopes that Olympus hope will be at the cutting edge of both clinical and research microscopy. The new design allows for a large level of flexibility for the users to “define their own working environment” allowing for unique customisations without affecting the quality of the images seen. One of the big features of this new BX53 is that it is the first ambidextrous microscope from Olympus, which gives a high level of freedom to users in regards to where they place controls.

Another improvement Olympus have made is in the aesthetics department; the sleek and stylish design is visually very pleasing on the eye, and is made even better when one of our Linkam THMS600 stages are placed upon it!

We would like to thank Olympus UK for lending us this equipment and we hope to be carrying out a lot more product testing in the near future.

Ricky Patel