Smart Materials – the optical characterization of VO2


Horiba UVISEL ellipsometer with Linkam THMSEL600

Recently, during a visit to Horiba in Chilly-Mazarin, with ellipsometer applications expert Céline Eypert I was excited to see Linkam products being used in the analysis of smart materials – materials that will greatly influence our daily lives.

One such material, VO2 , a material that exhibits a very fast semiconductor metal transition point, has a whole range of potential applications, due to its electrical and optical properties. Electrical resistivity can decrease by several orders of magnitude across the transition, and optically the material changes from being transparent as a semiconductor to reflective in the metallic state.

The Horiba UVISEL ellipsometer with its high performance and broad spectral range, in combination with the Linkam heating stage for highly accurate and precise temperature control, provides the perfect instrumentation to characterize these amazing materials.

For the full Horiba application note please visit the Horiba ellipsometry applications page

Many Thanks to Céline Eypert, Mélanie Gaillet and Jean-Paul Gaston for sharing the information with us.

Ian Pearce