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So What's Freeze Drying all About?

We may know how to build the best darn freeze drying microscope stages in the world, but when it comes down to analysing the results....well....we're just really good at designing and building the equipment.
We'll build it and then refer to the experts to help you analyse the results.  I'll let the folks from Biopharma Technology Ltd take it from here....


'Freeze drying is a complex science, requiring understanding and control of a number of different processes simultaneously. The difference between success and failure can be only a couple of degrees or a few minutes.  BTL believe that freeze drying should be approached rationally, and that in-depth understanding and scientific analysis can provide the answer to any processing problems. 

BTL have been providing thorough, practical training in freeze drying technology since 1997. These courses are designed to bring together the scientific theory with real-life examples and the practical knowledge from experts with many years of direct experience with industry. As well as gaining deep understanding of the science of freeze drying, delegates should leave the course with an understanding of how to apply this knowledge practically in their own work, to improve a product’s stability, gain better batch success rates, or improve plant efficiency. 

Courses are run regularly in the UK, Netherlands and US in a variety of formats to suit different practitioners – check out the website for more information.'