LTS420 Features


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The LTS420 hotstages are optimised for isothermal sample analysis applications where high speed heating and cooling are compromised by larger sample area with excellent thermal stability of less than 0.1°C.

The LTS420 is an easy to use, versatile heating and freezing stage. The stage consists of a large area temperature controlled element with a platinum resistor sensor embedded close to the surface for accurate temperature measurements in the range of -196 to 420°C (when used with LNP96 cooling pump).

The sample is simply mounted on a standard microscope slide in direct contact with the heating element and can be manipulated 15mm in X and Y direction. The sample chamber is gas tight and has gas valves to purge with either inert gas or humidity.

This stage is also available with internal electrical connections and probes.  There is even an inverted microscope version, please contact us for further details.