T96 System Controller

The T96 Controller is a universal controller supporting all the standard Linkam stage families, providing complete control of the system.

The T96 can be controlled through the LINK software using the USB interface or the high resolution LinkPad, an ergonomic touch screen display, which enables the user to quickly enter experimental parameters for the hotstage.

A wide range of controls has been implemented for each line (ramp) of the temperature profile, including parameters such as vacuum pressure, tensile speed and force. 


The optional LINK software can control all aspects of the heating and cooling as well as vacuum and other environmental conditions including RH (when used with the appropriate controller and interface).


The optional LinkPad high resolution touch screen controller provides complete standalone control. Up to 100 ramps can be programmed with separate control of parameters including temperature, vacuum, humidity etc.


Universal Controller

  • Supports most of Linkam's Thermal stages including the THMS, HFS, TST, DSC , LTS and TS families.

High Speed Temperature Ramps

  • Temperature ramps of up to 200°C/min (dependant on stage attached).

High Temperature Resolution

  • Temperature measurement using a PT100 platinum Sensor with better than 0.01°C resolution.

USB Interface

  • The standard USB interface allows the controller to be connected to a PC.

Optional SDK

  • The optional SDK provides a platform for the easy integration into 3rd party software applications.