THMSEL350V ellipsometer Features

THMS350V-Ellipsometer Feature image.jpg

The THMS system is one of the most widely used heating and freezing stages on the market, and has now been modified with a special optical adapter to facilitate use on an ellipsometer. Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading ellipsometer manufacturers, the stage has been optimised to eliminate sample condensation at low temperature by vacuum and allow optimal optical access to the sample. The THMSEL350V Ellipsometer Cryo Vacuum System features the THMSEL350V Ellipsometer stage and standalone LinkPad controller as well as LNP96 liquid nitrogen cooling system.

Samples loaded onto a 0.17mm cover slip are placed on a nickel plated heating element to ensure excellent heat transfer and extremely sensitive temperature measurement. A platinum resistor sensor, accurate to 0.01°C provides far more accurate and stable temperature signal that can be achieved with a thermocouple.

Samples can be quickly characterized by heating to within a few degrees of the required temperature at a rate of up to 30°C/min with no overshoot, then slowed down to a few tenths of a degrees per minute to closely examine sample changes. The optional LINK software provides complete control of the system and allows you to export experimental data as a CSV file.

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