CMS196 Correlative Microscopy System

Optimised for cryofluorescence. View your vitrified samples on a fluorescent light microscope then transport contamination free to your cryo Transmission Electron Microscope.

BCS196 Cryobiology System
Designed specifically for cryobiology with a seeding point to seed ice crystals and quench cooling option for ultra fast cooling up to 5000C/min. Temperature range -196 to 125C.

MDBCS196 Motorised Cryobiology System
Similar to the BCS196 but with motorized XY sample positioning. Temperature range -196 to 125C.

LTS120 Peltier System
Large area stage with sample area 40x40mm. Temperature range -40 to 120C.

Peltier Systems
A range of simple peltier systems are available for inverted and upright microscopes. Temperature range -25 to120C.