Optical DSC600

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Linkam’s optical DSC600 is a single cell system which overcomes the problem of baseline drift due to different heat flows into the sample and reference crucible. Key features include:

  • Smaller furnace results in faster response time

  • Compact size of the stage means it can be easily mounted on to FT-IR and Laser Raman and confocal microscopes

  • Suitable for reflected and transmitted light studies

  • Simultaneous optical and enthalpy change data

  • Heating and cooling to temperatures between < -195°C (when used with the LNP96 Liquid Nitrogen Pump) and 600°C can be carried out at rates of up to 130°C/min

The system consists of the DSC600 stage, a T96 controller and LINK software. The optional LNP96 is required to achieve temperatures down to < -195°C. 

Add TASC software to enable further thermal analysis.

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