Food Science

Many of our systems have been used in Food Research.  Call or email us if you have any further questions.

LTS120 Peltier System
Large area peltier controlled system with sample area 40x40mm and XY sample manipulation. Sealed stage chamber with gas ports for gas purging.  Temperature range -40 to 120°C.

FDCS196 Freeze Drying System
Vacuum controlled cryostage designed specifically for freeze drying. Temperature range -196 to 125°C.

LTS350/420 System
Excellent general heating/freezing stage with large sample area of 53.5 x 43mm and XY sample manipulation. Temperature range -196 to 420°C.

CSS450 Optical Shearing System
Enables observation of samples under precisely controlled temperature and various shear modes. Temperature range -50 to 450°C. 

THMS600 System
Fast heating and cooling rates, with a sample area of 22mm diameter and XY sample manipulation. Temperature range -196 to 600°C. 

THMS600-PS Pressure System
Based on the temperature control performance of the THMS600 stage with added feature of pressurizing sample chamber up to 14Bar

DSC600 Thermal Analysis System
This system enables the user to detect sample enthalpy changes. Temperature range -196 to 600°C.

FTIR600 System
Designed specifically for IR applications with IR transparent windows and modified heating element that maximises IR exposure. Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Temperature range -196 to 600°C.

RH95 Humidity Controller

The RH95 quickly controls humidity inside a Linkam stage or any other sealed chamber up to a volume of 2000cc from 5 to 90%.