There are many systems that can be used for these applications.  If you have any questions regarding which system is best suited for your application, we would be happy to help by phone or email. +44 (0)1737 363 476

LTS350/420 System
Excellent general heating/freezing stage with large sample area of 53.5 x 43mm and XY sample manipulation. Temperature range -196 to 420°C.

TST350 Tensile Testing System
Designed specifically to characterise samples under controllable tensile force and varying temperatures. Temperature range -196 to 350°C. 

THMS350V Vacuum System

In order to reduce oxidation of samples, this system enables heating and cooling of your samples in vacuum.

CSS450 Optical Shearing System
Enables observation of samples under precisely controlled temperature and various shear modes. Temperature range -50 to 450°C. 

THMS600 System
Fast heating and cooling rates, with a sample area of 22mm diameter and XY sample manipulation. Temperature range -196 to 600°C. 

DSC600 Thermal Analysis System
This system enables the user to detect sample enthalpy changes. Temperature range -196 to 600°C.

FTIR600 System
Designed specifically for IR applications with IR transparent windows and modified heating element that maximises IR exposure. Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Temperature range -196 to 600°C.


This system is designed specifically for use with an Elipsometer.

TS1000 System
High temperature heating stage for examining ceramics and metals up to 1000°C. Sample area 17mm diameter. Option of Vacuum and Electrical connections.

CCR1000 Catalyst System
Examine catalytic reactions in real time and analyse the carrier gas passed through the sample. Capable of temperatures up to 1000°C and pressure of up to 5bar.

TS1200 System
High temperature heating stage for examining ceramics and metals up to 1200°C. Sample cup 10mm diameter x 5mm high. Option of Vacuum and Electrical connections. 

TS1400XY System
Temperatures up to 1400°C at 200°C/min with XY sample manipulation. Quench cooling option with ultra fast cooling rates of 240°C/second.

TS1500 System
Temperatures up to 1500°C at 200°C/min. Sample area 7mm diameter. Optional vacuum and electrical connections