MDBCS196 Motorized Cryobiology Stage


The MDBCS196 has been developed for the specialized field of cryobiology where extremely accurate low temperature and position of the sample as well as cooling rates of up to 5000°C/min are required. 

High speed quench cooling is achieved by high speed motorized movement of the sample from a copper 'warm post' onto a pre-cooled block. It is possible to observe the effect of crystallisation at extremely high cooling rates. This method of high speed cooling is even faster than submersing the sample in liquid nitrogen and has enabled cryobiologists to closely investigate vitrification phenomena.

The silver block is of a similar construction to the BCS196 but has its cooling pipes at 180° to each other. This reduces the flow of liquid nitrogen needed to cool the block and minimises any vertical movement of the block due to temperature change. For seeding a cold spot has been provided on one of the cooling pipes allowing nucleated freezing to be initiated.

The included LINK software enables automatic serpentine scanning of the entire sample allowing the user to save positions of interest. Add the digital video capture module to create a image map of the sample and zoom in to areas of interest.

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