THMS350V Specifications

  • Temperature Range -196°C* to 350 °C (*with LNP96 Cooling Pump)

  • 16 mm X,Y sample manipulation

  • Sample area of 22mm diameter

  • Option between touchscreen LinkPad or PC (required if using motorised valve)

  • Vacuum tested to 10-3mbar

  • Can be used with transmitted or reflected light

  • Mounts directly to microscope table or substage

  • Stage body size - 160 x 80 x 24 mm

  • 100 Ohm platinum sensor

  • Temperature stability < 0.1°C

  • Direct injection of coolant into block

  • Highly conductive metal for improved heat transfer

  • Maximum heating / cooling rate of 30°C/min

  • Objective lens minimum working distance 4.5mm

  • Condenser lens minimum working distance 12.5mm

  • Light aperture 1.3mm Ø

If you are using transmitted light please go to the CONDENSER EXTENSION LENS section for condenser info.